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Re: The last think you want to do is use a brush

Greg Gebhardt wrote:

on a "newer" Nikon DSLR. Untill you have wet cleaned it several time the brush will pick up oil from the sensor, the sensor holder and the sensor chamber and spread it all over your sensor AND brush. It makes a big mess.

Greg, I understand that but it depends on how the brush is made, if you have oil on the sensor, and if you go to the edge or touch outside sensor area. I was not suggesting that this is the only option for all but it is what copper hill images suggests. If you do happen to miss that you have oil on the sensor before cleaning it, you can wash the brush and also do a wet clean. Most people are only going to have dust. Keep in mind that you can also just touch it on spots after it is charged with a blower and may be able to just pick up the dust specs. The recommended order is blower, brush and wet clean per the video.  I would have the swabs on hand should you discover oil. This us why a sensor light is very important.

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