Alternatives to this forum?

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Re: Alternatives to this forum?

Simon Joinson wrote:

I deleted a lot of threads this morning because they broke rule number 2:

Posts discussing moderator actions are not allowed and will be deleted.

I must admit Simon, when I surveyed your new rules I missed that one. Where did you find that? The Kim Il Sung guide to open discussion? I think your judgement on this matter is way off. For people to accept a rule, there has to be an understanding that the rule is there for some good purpose. In this case, all one can see is that is there to render completely opaque the unfair 'moderation' system that you run here, and to protect the 'powers that be' from criticism. By constantly deleting threads discussing your action with regard to a controversial poster, but one not unappreciated by many here, all you have done is made yourselves look very silly, and to be frank, bringing attention to 'rule 2', soon to become infamous I would think, has not helped your case at all. Of course, you are the editor, you don't need to make a case, but can you not see that that kind of attitude simply invites comparison with those of the 'eternal leader'.

BTW, should you not delete your own post, since it clearly violates rule 2?

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