Educate me: Sony new Alpha such as 77 vs Panasonic GH series

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Maverick_ wrote:

You seem like a good person to ask questions along multiple camera brands.

I know it's still too early for the GH3, but in your opinion, which would put out better JPGs right out of the camera:

GH3, A77 or OM-D?

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Impossible question to answer I'm afraid.

No one has knowledge of GH3.

Olympus JPEGs are nice.

Sony JPEGs are great too.

Thr point about JPEGs is that you can adjust the way they look out of the camera so easily.  I have never really understood why people compare JPEGs at a cameras default settings.  If you want them warmer, cooler, bluer, greener, sharper, less sharp, more contrasty or less, then set them how you like them.

I don't think there  is much to call between OMD and A77.  You can't go far wrong with either.  Pick the one you like the feel of most.

GH3 is an unknown quantity, but it could be amazing..

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