Another over priced 5D III post.

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Re: Another over priced 5D III post.

I'm in shock, I mean surprise, that you did NOT know this price GOUGING practice by Canon after 45 years. What I've learn is to just wait 2-3 years after its release to get a good price, this btw, applies to lenses also. The benefits of waiting are; 1. You don't become a stupid paying BETA TESTER just to uncover your latest&greatest body is defective, ouch! 2. Quality control is perfected, this means, light leaks are fix or oil spost are reduced....etc. 3. Workers assembling these bodies internalizes the sequence of assembly that it becomes second nature to them, better tighter tolerances internally and superb fit and finish externally. 4. Minor quirks are addressed through firmware updates. 5. Tons of test and reviews are done to sway you for or against it. 6. If your lucky, they'll release a firmware update adding features like clean HDMI out 4.2.2 8bit or AF support at F8. 7. All raw converters have added this particular model you are about to buy. And finally #8, you get to save more $€£¥.

The price will go down quickly if there are few BETA TESTER buyers. But on the same token, we need those few BETA TESTERS(guinea pigs) to perfect my body.

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