Bottom line: Keep A77 AND A99 or just keep A77?

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Re: Bottom line: Keep A77 AND A99 or just keep A77?

billorg wrote:

I would lose a lot of money selling my A77 in favor of my A99, but I need some justification for keeping the A99 other than high ISO performance. Admittedly, that IS huge to me... but I do have a 5D MIII that does it even better than the A99. My question is, what else will I REALLY gain using my Minolta film lenses on the A99 over my A77 using the same? I have 2 Sony lenses for APS-C and only Minolta legacy for FF. Since APS-C uses the a sweet center of the frame and A99 will show it all, won't I see a lot of soft corners especially at wide angle on the A99? Does the A99 really buy me any quality? I am only interested in "pop" and that extra-special-something that is undefinable with some cameras/lenses, like the difference you saw between medium format and 35mm in the film days. Does the A99 offer that? I don't need shallower DOF for what I do, and it's movie mode hasn't impressed me with great/better quality than the A77 yet. And if you are thinking "why didn't you think of all of this before you bought an A99", the answer is I just needed to try it and feel it for myself. So far, I have no complaints other than I hate the locked mode-dial and the joystick controller that has a rounded surface (both these things really slow me down). Quality so far is good but I just am not sure if I see other advantages over my A77. Please enlighten me. Thanks, Bill

In the first place, the A77 is a great camera, but the A99 buys you a great deal of quality that neither the A77 nor the 5D3 have.

There are so many ways it is better than the A77 that it boggles the mind: much better IQ; much better AF even without AFD or the range limiter, and they alone are worth the price of admission; much better build quality, including a much more rugged shutter; much better EVF performance; superior customisability; superior ergonomics; far superior video experience; etc.

But I don't know how you have reached the conclusion that the 5D3 exhibits superior high-iso performance than the A99--though I understand you own both of them,albeit the A99 not for very long. No definitive professional test has been published about the A99, though DXO has published one for the 5D3. The results were not very encouraging for the 5D3. Given my expectation for the upcoming DXO test of the A99, I believe that the A99's hig-iso performance will be approximately equal to that of the 5D3, at most about a tenth of a stop behind--while beating it by a full stop in color separation and fully two stops in dynamic range. My projection is based on taking a little less than half a stop away from the DXO high-iso rating for the D600, which uses more or less the same sensor, and less than that away for color separation and dynamic range.

I also don't understand how you have concluded that the A900 doesn't seem to have great/better quality than the A77--unless you are just not very much into video. What I've seen of the videos that have been produced by the A99 has been nothing short of stunning.

So my conclusion is that you should keep the A99, but get rid of the 5D. You'll be much better off when you have become accustomed to the A99. If you sell it, you'll regret it for a very long time.

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