dont get this lens stuff.. i want a 35mm like my 18-200mm vr II at 35m

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Re: dont get this lens stuff.. i want a 35mm like my 18-200mm vr II at 35m

nikkorwatcher wrote:

Dennis wrote:

No, it's not. Focal length is the intrinsic property of the lens. The lens "projects" an image with a particular angle of view. That's determined by the design of the lens.

People do get themselves into a lather about this concept on the internet. Can we make them understand that perspective stays the same on a smaller sensor, for those who are conscious of such things. With a smaller sensor the field of view narrows and effectively magnification seems to increase. The question is what the typical consumer notices more: perspective or magnification. It seems to be magnification that has won out.

I'm not sure what's the best way to get people to understand that the focal length marked is the focal length and that there's no need to apply conversion factors unless you specifically need to know the  equivalent for a different sensor size.  My explanation was long winded ... but I think issues of crop factor only make intrinsic sense to those who understand what's going on at the sensor while it remains confusing to many who don't. So I guess it comes down to - either tell them concisely and hope they remember ... or explain it and hope they understand.

Of course, there are probably hundreds of detailed explanations should anyone bother to search   Maybe I should just keep a link handy.

- Dennis

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