Nikon's biggest advantage over competition...

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Re: Nikon's biggest advantage over competition...

Zardoz wrote:

Hey bro,

Yes, they can easily be supported on mirrorless devices with a simple mechanical adapter, because the flange focal distance of mirrorless systems is small (due to not needing space for a mirror box). This is the main reason why current mirrorless systems are popular with alternative lens users.

Like Zardoz said - its not really an advantage and especially not for manual focus lenses when most other bodies from other brands can be adopted to use F-mount lenses fairly cheaply.

Its not just mirrorless bodies that can be adopted - it's almost any other 35mm system can be adopted - the F-mount flange distance is one of the largest (I believe only Lecia R-mount has a longer distance), the other formats are not 35mm formats.

You lose the electronic contacts but who there are no electronic contacts on manual lenses...

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