Anyone had to have viewfinder or AF problems fixed?

Started Nov 7, 2012 | Discussions thread
Glenn Veteran Member • Posts: 7,893
Re: Anyone had to have viewfinder or AF problems fixed?

I'm thinking the lens should be ok. I have 2 lenses I've dropped into a river they dried out fine and one of them is still working great 12 years after the indecent. the key to killing fungus is UV light.. it kills everything.

The camera is a different animal. Sony usually has a flat rate to fix them but since you told them it got dunked they (in the US it's a third party repair shop) might not follow that policy and then charge it as time and materials instead. Might still be cheaper than buying a new body but it might not be wise. electronics generally suffer other failures in other components after they have had water damage. the damage continues after the unit is dry as some of the coatings may have been compromised. I just wanted to point out that if you repair a dunked body then problems you have now might not be your last.

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