Thoughts on Tamron SP90 F2.8 Di

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Re: Thoughts on Tamron SP90 F2.8 Di

Stacey_K wrote:

I was at the local camera store talking with them about a possible second lens for my new D5100. I bought the 16-85 nikkor but realize it doesn't do two other things I need besides "general use/landscapes" which is most of what I shoot. It doesn't really do close up/macro which I enjoy + at the long end for portraits it's quite slow. I was considering a 50 1.8 for portraits (I mostly do outdoor portraits) to get shallow DOF but that doesn't solve the macro problem. The 40mm nikon macro would solve that but wouldn't help for portraits and is pretty short for macro work. The 85mm DX macro was extra expensive + not a whole lot faster than the zoom.

She talked me into trying a Tamron SP90 f2.8 Di. So far it seems to be a good choice and logically covers both the macro problem and the outdoor portrait one. The reviews I have seen give the optics a thumbs up and so far the focus seems fast enough and accurate. + for macro work the AF and lack of VR is a non-issue. I also like it has a switch that locks out half the focus to avoid full rack focus hunting.

Anything I am missing as far of the downside of not using a nikkor lens? I normally stick with the camera brand optics but I don't really see anything in the nikon line that fits this as well at anywhere near this price. There is the 105 macro but it's over 2X the money this lens was with the rebate they have right now plus on a dx is starting to get a bit long even for outdoor portraits.

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I have to agree with everyone else, I shoot the 90, on my D90, I'm not worried about lens speed, when i use it just to take macro shots I use MF, and I use it in conjunction with my Sigma, 17 70 and its AF, is fine for me.

I don't do enough macro to justify Nikon macro lenses, and their price.

I too had the MF 2.5 version and it was also a good lens I just didn't shoot enough macro to keep it.


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