Next lens purchase....35mm 1.8g?

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Re: Next lens purchase....35mm 1.8g?

slimandy wrote:

The question though is that still close to my 50mm 1.8g? I think I'm more in the market for a wider lens as opposed to a telephoto lens. With that being said, would it make sense for me to go for a tonikina 11-16 or stick with the Nikon 28mm? I like having the nikon lenses because I know that they are high quality...
Any advice?

That's what I mean about the UWA lenses generally being DX lenses. The Tokina you mentioned is a DX lens, not FX. I use a Nikon 17~35mm f2.8 and would highly recommend it if you could find a good used copy. It might still stretch your budget. I have not used the 28 and it seems to get mixed reviews. I used a 28mm f2.8 in my film days due to budget constraints but always wished I had gone wider until I bought the 17~35.

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It looks like I could get the 17-35 for around $1100 but I have not bought any used photography equipment yet since I would not know what to look for in terms of wear and tear.

I had called my local camera store and the guy told me that the tokina is really popular and cheap for my D600.  Maybe he misunderstood me.

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