Ricoh patent for a zoom lens

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Re: Ricoh patent for a zoom lens

worldcup1982 wrote:

SLLDPR wrote:

Photo Rumors reports a Ricoh patent for a zoom lens, which I'd guess is for the GR-D V and, perhaps, for a GXR module.

IMO, its a bit late to the game...the RX100 raised the bar for comapct cameras. I know ricoh cameras are far better regarding UI, but still a sensor is important too. The RX100 makes even the new nikon a bit strange. A bigger camera with (for now) not many lenses advantage over the sony. A GX or a GXR module with 24-72mm lens f2.0-2.8 eq and the RX100 sensor would sell a lot would still be in the same size as the nikons but with better optics and nuch better UI...

The RX100 is a wonderful camera, it does not have the UI of the Ricoh but it is not bad at all. and yes, they raised the bar. I still love my GRD's and will not sell them, but the Sony travel with me most of the time now.

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