Should US legalize recreational pot?

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Re: Should US legalize recreational pot?

Princess Leia wrote:

Colorada and Washington State voted to legalize it. Since it is against the federal law, should the Federal government file a lawsuit overturning the outcome?

All "drugs" should simply be legalized, regulated and taxed. The so-called "War on Drugs" is not only an epic failure, it is also a classic example of the failure to learn from history. We've tried this before, boys and girls. It was called "Prohibition." It did not stop people from obtaining or consuming alcohol, it simply moved the distribution of alcohol into the hands of street thugs/gangs, raising the prices and causing abhorrent levels of violence. Sound familiar?! That is EXACTLY what the current "War on Drugs" has accomplished. Distribution of the "controlled substances" has been moved into the hands of street thugs (and their manufacture or farming into "Drug Cartels"), and raised the prices and caused lots of violence.

The production, sale, and use of drugs will never stop. We can, however, regulate the production, sale and use such that hazardous operations (meth labs, anyone?) are not being carried out in residential neighborhoods, children don't have easier access to drugs than they do to beer, street gangs will no longer have a war on the streets over who gets to distribute drugs in a given area, and taxes can be collected on this pretty significant "marketplace," so the makers and distributers pay thei fair share of the tax load. All making drugs illegal does is increase bloodshed, increase property crimes for abusers looking to support their habits because they have to pay inflated prices, and increase accessablilty to those who need it restricted the most (i.e., children).

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