Canon Powershot SX260HS or Canon Powershot S100?

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Re: Canon Powershot SX260HS or Canon Powershot S100?

Well, I've read many of their "reviews", and sometimes, the cr@p they tell is so obvious that it's not even funny. Here are some examples, and there are tons of them.

Reviewing the Sony RX-100...
The RX100 gets a noise score of +- 19.5, and the Nex F3 gets a very poor +-6 score, while it uses a much larger sensor.

Here is a REAL comparison, at 3200 ISO:

Hmm, so according to them, the S100 is much closer to the RX100 regarding noise than the Nex- F3! Hum, maybe on another planet, right.

Or here, reviewing a Samsung NX100:

According to their charts, the NX100 has much less noise than the T2i. Well, I have the T3i (same image quality) and the NX100, and there is simply no comparison: the Canon is much cleaner!

Another one:

Panasonic LX-5 review.


One of the highlight of the camera according to them "Great color results" and "Strong low light noise scores"...well, I had this camera and parted with it because of...guess what? Terrible colours and butt ugly noise! The S100 replaced it and I'm much happier.

Oh, funny thing, the S100 gets a " Color accuracy lower than expected"...

Also, they seem very biased toward some brands. I wanted to compare two (or more) cameras, and I noticed that some manufacturers cameras had their samples resized (in file size), which made their images look way worse than what they actually looked like. But I did not notice until I downloaded the files, and saw that some were about 3.0MB in size, and the others 300ko.

No, really, I all good faith, I won't thrust a single word from this website. Their layout make it look serious but when you have some insight, you realize they are spreading complete utter nonsense.

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