Manual Gems...what non Micro 4/3 lenses do you like using?

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Re: 55mm Micro-Nikkor

Micro Four Thirds cameras have a shorter flange distance (from sensor to lens) than most older digital and 35mm cameras. The adapter just holds the lens out from the sensor so that the distance is the same as it would be on the lens's native camera. The lens's focal length is the same with the adapter on an MFT camera as it was on its native camera.

So, a 50mm Nikon lens has the same focal length as a 50mm Panasonic or Olympus MFT lens. However, because the MFT sensor is smaller than a frame of 35mm film (or a full-frame sensor), the MFT camera captures a narrower angle of view than the bigger camera would capture, as if the full-frame image were cropped. The MFT-to-full-frame crop factor is 2, so a 50mm lens on an MFT camera gives the same angle of view that a 100mm lens would give on a full-frame camera.

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