Long time Canon user, new Nikon User - Issues!

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Re: Long time Canon user, new Nikon User - Issues!

Slight disclaimer before I begin:  All my shots are in RAW+JPEG, I *always* keep and use the RAW file for any picture I remotely like. Like stated it is the surest way you get the most of your image.

I use the JPEGs for quick-no thought output/distribution, I realize that its easy to extract a JPEG out of a raw, but just having a file ready is even easier.

You can get the JPEGs to look sharp and contrasty, Nikon is not for RAW shooters only. Again RAW is the best way to preserve your image data, can't repeat that enough and I am not sure why anyone would argue it.

I use ADL -> off (I find that the shadow and highlight recovery of ADL causes the curve to converge to center and washes out contrast)

Noise reduction -> Off (its just wrong, if you need to be cleaning up noise then don't rely on the JPEG file, I don't Auto ISO so the noise is always under control)

Increase contrast a notch or 2

Increase saturation a notch or 2

Sharpening 6 -> borderline before edges start glowing, if you find they glow, knock it down

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