Can someone explain the differences between Post Processing software?

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Re: Can someone explain the differences between Post Processing software?

gwlaw99 wrote:

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I shoot mainly jpeg. Lots and lots of photos, not much time to post process. I shoot with the 7D. I find that at least according to my standards, when I look at my photos in the computer they do not need much. I shoot mainly sports and landscapes. So cropping is pretty much all I do, with an occasional slight lift of a shadow or slight touch up of contrast or color.

But for the most part I am pretty happy with things as they are out of the camera. So, I have just been using iPhoto on my Mac.

I have DPP from canon. What I would like to know is if there is any difference between iPhoto and other software when it comes to minor adjustments and cropping. I know there is loss to jpegs when you save and the compression. I understand all of that, but so far images that I have adjusted in iPhoto and made comparison adjustments in DPP really don't show much difference.

Can anyone shed any light on this. Is there a difference between the way DPP makes adjustments vs. iPhoto. Will DPP be less destructive to jpegs than iPhoto?


If those are the only adjustments that you do, I wouldn't bother as long as your monitor is correctly calibrated. My only concern would be soft proofing and printer profiles. Without them, you do not know how your images will look when they are printed as every printer is different.

Could you shed some light on how to check my monitor for proper calibration? Is this an easy task? And I never print, and I'm sorry to say that I don't understand what you mean by soft proofing?

Sorry for my ignorance, but thanks for your help thus far.

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