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In 2002 bought my first digital,a good quality 3x zoom with good IQ.By 2004 had decided to stay with digital and forget film.Pondered for month's between the choice of superzoom and DSLR,bought the best superzoom available at the time.My outdoor photos were were OK but indoor were not so.I take a lot of photos of performances of a couple musical groups my wife plays in with the outdoor ones OK but the indoor shots not so good or unusable but others using DSLR's were getting good shots so went DSLR. Looking back think I made the wrong choice and wish I had gotten a DSLR then.With what I have experienced if today I would buy a camera body,Canon,Pentax or Nikon with a Tamron 28-70 F2.8 and build from there.The kit lens for all brands are OK but not great.I chose Pentax because it had IS built into the body where Canon and Nikon IS is built into the lens which makes them heavier and more expensive plus I had a collection of manual Pentax lens which would still work on the modern DSLR's.The IQ of all the brands seem equal to me,have had experience shooting Nikon and shooting with others using them and Nikon is much faster focusing on moving things like shooting sports or flying birds or bugs.Hope this post is more helpful than confusing

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