I'm still looking for the mushy raw conversion...

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Re: I'm still looking for the mushy raw conversion...

The "mosaic/watercolor" issue is "real" especially in landscape scenes with lots of leaves in trees and shrubs at a distance (not close up macro/type shots). If one only views small pictures on the web, they probably won't see it and probably never have an issue (maybe >99% of folks?). It is even tough to see on a flckr site in the full screen "light box" mode unless one has cropped the section out. However, if you blow the picture up or want to make large prints, it is there.... and its pretty awful IMHO.

If you look at the 12th picture "strolling through Central Park" on my site and go to "view all sizes" and look at the original, you can see the issue in leaves. In contrast, the picture posted, "Colors of the Fall..." you don't see the issue because this is a close up shot.

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