Sorry olympus but you lost a loyal customer.

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Re: Sorry olympus but you lost a loyal customer.

philosomatographer wrote:

I don't understand what it is that photographers "need" (more likely, "want") which an E-5 and the SHG lenses cannot provide. Even 5 years ago, a Leica R9 + DMR + a couple of lenses for a cool $15,000 or so would be seen as the pinnacle of tools for the photographic artist.

I wonder if you will continue to blame the shortcomings of your own vision on your tools? Will you feel the same in, say, 5 years, when Nikon is no longer at their "high" (perhaps Sony will have the superiour system then?)

Many olympus users realise that these are unique and superbly-capable tools that we can use to realise our vision. I am sorry you don't feel the same way. I know that I wouldn't with a plastic Nikon, but our tools are a very personal choice - if the Nikon inspires your creativity, I wish you all the best.

The OP bought a Nikon D5100.  This is clearly not in the same price range as an e-5 and shg lenses.  Then you make the assumption the OP has shortcomings in her vision.

The OP feels ripped off, as indeed she was.

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