SEL35F18 or a bunch of manual lenses+adapter; which to buy?

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Re: SEL35F18 or a bunch of manual lenses+adapter; which to buy?

BlitzAction wrote:

Maybe I am missing something here, but would using the FD 28 f2.8 you suggest really be that much better than the results I would get with the kit 18-55mm lens? The aperture doesnt seem all that much of a difference (compared to the 50mm f1.8 vs kit @50mm)

In those terms no - not much benefit. But for me - I like using legacy lenses some of the time, I like the 'normal' /standard focal length (of around 40mm in 35mm film terms, which is how I tend to think, as someone who used film many years ago) and I like using prime lenses.  So for a very small cost (of under £20 ($30) for the lens and I already had the Nex-FD adapter) I can have a nice sharp manual focus prime in my favourite focal length.  

It's not smaller or much faster than the kit zoom but it's a different experience and one I enjoy. If I get bored with it or stop using it then I can simply sell it and get my money back - another advantage of using legacy lenses.

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