Another over priced 5D III post.

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Re: Another over priced 5D III post.

I considered the 5D III for a good while starting over the summer. My conclusion is that it's just overpriced given the alternatives. I think Canon has some glass that I really wanted, but I also recognize that I am pretty simple in wanting a good and fast 35mm lens and anything else is gravy for me, really. So, I can look at Sony's A99 and Nikon D600 and D800 and still get the main lens I'd use on any system. For that matter, I can even consider the RX1 as a cheap alternative to the bigger bodied cameras (and keep using my NEX-5N for the few other focal lengths I use here and there).

But I still wanted the 5D III because of the AF speed. I know this won't go over well here, but I think Sony is making the best sensors in this game right now. When I balance the difference between the sensors and the AF issue I certainly think pricing should not be skewed to heavily towards the Canon, but I also believe in the market determining this stuff. Canon priced the 5D III at launch and had nice sales with it. The price is coming down now to reflect the fact that there is decent competition, but at $3,200 there is no way I'd consider it (and I know it goes on sale more than any competitor so it can be found under the listed price often - Edit: I can find it for $2,800 right now so that's a price I'd consider). I have yet to decide the FF route I am going to take, but I know I am not going to pay much more than the A99 price ($2,800). I've pretty much ruled out the D600 for a variety of reasons after testing one out. Maybe my waiting game will bring the 5D III into play; maybe not. But I do think the Canon is overpriced and I am a system neutral buyer at this point. My next choice will likely choose my loyalties.

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