A99 w/studio strobes sync issues?

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Re: Which pocketwizards?

Jim Ogilvie wrote:

Robert, just curious are you using the Plus 2 models or the newer Plus 3's? They seem to have the same specs, but just curious anyways.

Hello Jim,

I am using a Plus 3 on the camera and pocketwizard PowerMC2's.The PowerMC2's are designed specifically to work with my Paul Buff Einsteins and they plug directly into the top of the strobe body.

As my strobe's flash duration is faster than 1/250th even at max power,I think the problem lies somewhere in the triggering chain.I will try using a sync cable and see if I get the same result.

I saw in an earlier post you got similar results as I did in my OP.I know I can just slow down the shutter speed and not worry about it,but now I'm curious where the problem actually lies.

Thanks to you and everyone else for the feedback and advice.

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