Another over priced 5D III post.

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Re: Another over priced 5D III post.

Qwntm wrote:

I think the negative responses to these kinds of posts is not aimed at Canon. What I mean is, that anyone who was following the announcement of the 5DIII and the D800 JUST KNEW the 5D3 was priced wrong. The fact that some people bought it anyway and are now lamenting it, is the problem.

Unless your trying to say that you had NO IDEA Canon screwed up the initial offer price and now feel taken... but that's kind of hard to believe.

So, #1)yes Canon's release pricing of the 5D3 was fecked, and #2)everyone knew it and #3)who's fault is it if you bought one at that ridiculous price?

Unless you REALLY NEEDED it because your a full time working pro and it solved a problem for you, in which case it was worth every penny regardless of it's overpriced status. (And then it really does suck that Canon gouged it's main supporters. So in that sense I AGREE COMPLETELY.)

(Not much of an answer, sorry... )

It's impossible to have any empathy for anyone who feels they bought something that is overpriced. That's why these threads are really stupid. A tool that solves a business problem is worth every penny. Other than that YOU elected to buy the "overpriced" item.

Competition is a great think. If you believe Canon is gouging you then move on. Sony, Pentax, Nikon etc. would love to have Canon defectors as customers.

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