Portrait with dreamy effects ??

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Re: Portrait with dreamy effects ??

Actually, the OP was asking for advice on how to achieve the look of these photos that he/she likes, not our opinion whether we liked them or whether it might be a waste of their time trying to re-create it.

Of course we all have opinions and yes, contrary to what I'd wish would happen sometimes, we are free to post them on a forum board, such as you did. The problem isn't about you stating your preferences, it's about not staying on topic and not being helpful. I just wasn't sure why you would even state something like your answer when someone was asking for assistance. There was no purpose for it and it didn't contribute to the overall thread.

And your response to me about my wasting time. If you look up, waaayyy up, you'll note that I attempted a couple of times to offer my advice on how to achieve this look.

You might say why does it matter what you say, how does it bother me? Well I subscribed to this thread in my emails so I enjoy seeing others responses on how to get this look. When I get emails about how you think it's a waste of time, it's cluttering my email box with unhelpful stuff.

Thank you for your kind words about my work.

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