4th D600, same problem.

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Re: Nikon manual and clean sensor

Please dont buy this camera unless you have a game plan on how you will deal with dust or more rarely oil issue. Nikon is not going to clean your sensor to perfection and even if they ever do, you may need it cleaned weekly to monthly based upon your copy you get, how it was manufactured, how much oil your copy got at that time, what kind of climate you live in, if you shoot a lot of high speed mode, if you change lenses often, where you keep the camera, if you use a zoom lens and many many more. Point is dont buy it going on some people telling you they have a magical no dust copy. The truth is most people dont test the camera the proper way and also if they went looking for it deep enough, they would find it. My point is petitions and complaining and returning is not going to make this go away. I know. Please heed my advice and save your time and mind. If you dont have the time or funds to pay a pro to clean it when the need comes up and dont have any desire to learn the brush or wet clean method, dont buy this or the d7000 or d3 or d4 or any FX camera. All you are going to do is waste your time and others time after a few weeks or months when the dust bunnies come knocking at your sensor.

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