Notes on NEC PA241w monitor after three months

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Re: Notes on NEC PA241w monitor after three months

I have recently bought one, and it seems to be a nice display, but I am not a professional, and still struggle with some little problems.

At first, nothing was sharp, text was really hard to the eye with analog cable (VGA)! As I have no DVI or Displayports, I had to find a HDMI to DVI cable, and things are better now. Still, text is not 100% clean and sharp as my notebook display. HDMI is digital, so I doubt I could get more sharpness than I have now?

Colors look a bit oversaturated, at least compared to my ProBook, but I suppose this is what best matches print colors? I use RGB Full from the monitor OSD menu, and only change I made was to set luminosity down to 120 (I need to learn more about color management, ICC profiles, but I don't like to change settings each time I switch from photo to text editing or other activities). It seems the PA421W display and colors are quite stable, so I won't try to do any calibration work for some months, at least if I don't need to print something.

Another problem with this "digital" configuration, is that when I rotate the NEC to portrait mode, text and images are deformed! This was NOT a problem with VGA. (option auto rotate activated in on screen OSD menu > RGB > advanced parameter > 8 ...). So now I need to go to the windows menu and manually set display orientation to portrait 1200x1920! If anyone has a solution to have it work automatically (I use windows7)?

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