Not seen a NEX 6 vs. NEX 7 thread for while...

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Re: Not seen a NEX 6 vs. NEX 7 thread for while...

mike geier wrote:

I can't understand the quandry, 24 vs 16, better build quality, better camera in all respects and with the price within $100 of each other I think NEX 7 choice is a no brainer.

I see a $250 price difference. And if someone is interested in the PZ lens, the '6' offers it in kit form for only $150 more.

24 vs. 16 isn't an obvious win for either camera.

That leaves build/controls and there, too, I don't see an obvious win. Tri-navi versus PASM & Quick Navi.

I'd go for the '6' in a heartbeat. If they truly were closer in price (I'm seeing $1100 with an instant rebate on the '7' versus $850 on the '6') it would be tougher; if I needed to print bigger than 20x30" or crop frequently, I'd go for the 7.

Not trying to argue - the 7 is a great camera - just trying to illustrate why it can be a quandry

- Dennis

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