AMD A8-3870K or Intel Core-i5 Ivy Bridge?

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Re: AMD A8-3870K or Intel Core-i5 Ivy Bridge?

Electric cars have incredibly high mileage - typically well over 100 miles per (US) gallon.

That's flawed from the beginning. Electric cars don't use gas, unless you charge them from a gasoline powered generator.

You still pay for electricity. My base rate is around 11.9c/Kw. You can translate the cost of that charge into a gasoline equivalent. It's a fuzzy number considering that power costs and gas prices can shift, but the EPA still puts out a value.

Yea, I understand all that.  As you indicate it can vary a lot and it's really miles per dollar.  I'm not knocking you here.  I just think it's stupid that the EPA (and the media) have chosen to rate electric cars in MPG (or MPGe).  It just has too much potential for variance on the miles per dollar.

$400 - I have spare opticals to last me a decade, but I usually see the MB end up closer to 120 or 130, so I think the 400 figure is a decent WAG. I myself would spend more on the case/ps combo, and on an SSD, so my system build tends to be in the 700-800$ region with an i5. Saving $100 on the cpu for a substantial performance loss makes no sense at all to me.

I think this is we differ.  I can't set your personal priorities.  For someone that's trying to keep things under $500 (don't forget $100 for the OS), an i5 will break that budget.  An AMD chip may serve them very well, certainly better than a $100 Intel chip.

I say this as someone who has more Intel powered equipment than AMD powered equipment.  I like them both.

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