New Lens or New Body?

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Re: New Lens or New Body?

rebel99 wrote:

this is one of dumbest misinformation i have heard! why using 17-40 isn't good with a crop camera? have you used such combo in your life? i have been using a 17-40 on my 40D for a long time and have taken some of my nicest shots. and please don't give me any BS that you have been using dslrs for the last 100 yrs and so on, because if you did you wouldn't be making the above misinformed statement i quite often hear negative comments about 17-40mm f4 performance in these forums and i can't believe some of the outrageous comments about this lens, i think it is says a lot about the users' lack of talent than the performance of this lens.


No need to get so worked up about it.

No, I haven't used that particular combination. I am sorry if I upset you, but I don't believe I said the 17-40 was bad, just not as good as the 17-55. If I did imply it was bad, I am sorry. Here are some reasons why that you might have missed;

1. 17-55 has an extra stop of aperture.

2. 17-55 has 15mm extra zoom.

3. 17-55 has IS.

4. At f4, tests show the 17-55 is marginally sharper that the 17-40. See here. But it goes an extra stop at wide open. At f5.6 there is nothing to choose between them optically.

So yes, the 17-40 is a good lens. And no, it isn't better than the 17-55.

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