So GH3 video looks like DSLR trash!

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Re: So GH3 video looks like DSLR trash!

Adventsam wrote:

The GH2 has a 16:9 sized sensor, forget about the how many pixels, the fact is its ratio is 16:9 its scaled that's all. With all the other variants, we are into binning and skipping. When you push the record button on a GH2 for a movie the image goes wider. When you push the record button on every other camera the image goes closer, ie it crops. There is no cropping going on in a GH1/2, maybe this is why the video is outstanding. They also had full control of the video digital chain, am not so sure they do on this new sensor and have to deal with what they are given.

A 16:9 sized sensor?!?!

The GH2 has a resolution of 4608x3456 in 4:3 mode and 4976x2800 in 16:9 mode, which means the GH2 doesn't use the whole sensor when recording video (which would be the case if the sensor would have a 16:9 sized sensor)

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