What is D300s successor and what is not

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jfriend00 wrote:

Nikon is missing an 8fps camera for under $6000 with great AF (for birds in flight, large field action, etc...) when they used to have both the D700 and D300 (w/grip). That does serve a portion of the market. Perhaps some will make do with 6fps in other cameras, but there are those that want the speed and top of the line AF. It will be interesting to see whether Nikon cares to keep the serious action shooter who can't afford a D4. FYI, these same shooters tend to spend a lot of money on long glass so their total Nikon spend is a lot more than just the body.

Pretty much the point a) is the market large enough? b) will there be 2 models or just 1?

Will there be a new D300 or just an extension of the D7xxx series? My .02 is that with the D600 @ 2k there is only one slot left @ 1,500 (ish) = one new/upgraded model.

Kerry Pierce wrote:

........ I can put your name in the Ignore listing with them, so I can laugh at the number of times you post without having to read what you post, just as I do theirs, because I know that it really irks them that I don't read or respond to the nonsense.

Not that you'll read this but please do, though I'm uncertain how I'll survive being put ignore by some internet windbag...............really, likes anyone give a sh*t what you do.

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