A99 w/studio strobes sync issues?

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Re: No camera issue at all - studio flashes are different from speedlights

remylebeau wrote:

There is a situation where the difference is big and that's with movement. I was on location with a strobe and some wireless flashes, and I had to capture movement and the difference between 1/200 and 1/250 is the difference between freezing action and not.

Admittedly it's only in certain situations but in those situations there's no room for play. I'm looking into getting LED video lights to just avoid the whole issue completely.

Motion is just a problem when you are mixing flash and available light, i.e. with fill flash.

If you let the speedlites do all the lightning, the ultra short flash duration will freeze even very fast motion.

For studio flashes/battery pack studio type flashes this is a different story, since flash duration is much longer. To freeze action you need fast burning flash tubes, which comes at an extra cost, and never will be as fast as speedlights.

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