Would You Still Want to move to a D600 if...

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Re: Would You Still Want to move to a D600 if...

CFynn wrote:

stuntmonkey wrote:

Okay, based on these assumptions...

  • The D5200 is the Sony NEX-7 sensor

More likely to be the same 24mp sensor as in the D3200 which is not a Sony sensor.

Nope, different dimensions for the D5200 (as specified by Nikon).

For me the D5200 looks nice but at the moment I'm waiting for what the D7x00 replacement brings. If it does most of "D400" then I'd likely be in, I was interested in the D600......if the price moves down to the $1500 - $1600 I'd be in. 2K is just too much given I need to start a new lens collection.......FX just isn't worth all that too me.

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