Pentax 560mm lens now listed on Adorama...any takers!

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Re: Overpriced product - just buy Sigma 500/4.5

miles green wrote:

Russell Evans wrote:

miles green wrote:


I have no idea where "prweb" got that "almost equal" information from. As far as I can thell, they are the only ones that describe it as such and have shown absolutely no data to justify such a claim.

You can read the original Pentax article at Pentax Imagining.

Thank you

I guess you're right then!

Strange wording for a press release, I can see why everybody else (online retailers, etc) chose not to include that sentence. I also wonder then why they wouldn't put their best coating on a $7000 / GBP 6000 lens...

Indeed, it adds to or hyperboles the fact that some people have had excepitionally low expectations regarding the initial price point by stressing the - only assumed - point of a "simpler and cheaper" construction.

Let's be reasonable: the coating should optimise the transmission of light while reducing unwanted reflections on surfaces. A complex lens, like a zoom, macro or UWA has many elements and groups and they get aero bright. That they use HD on their645D professional  lenses too, does imply that they trust it and use the appropriate coating where it is necessary.

It's pointless to stress the optical quality of a lens without ever having seen a single image taken with it.

It's also pointless to whine over the fact that a new on the market lens has a higher initial price point than a seven years on the market third party lens. Just make a test: add a yearly inflation of 2-3℅ to the introduction price of the Sigma, where do you end up now?

All manufacturers aim for quite high starting prices now, have you seen the latest Canon offerings, jeez.

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