Sorry olympus but you lost a loyal customer.

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Re: Sorry olympus but you lost a loyal customer.

philosomatographer wrote:

I don't understand what it is that photographers "need" (more likely, "want") which an E-5 and the SHG lenses cannot provide. Even 5 years ago, a Leica R9 + DMR + a couple of lenses for a cool $15,000 or so would be seen as the pinnacle of tools for the photographic artist.

Here we are with a camera body and lenses that far outperform such a setup, is ultra-reliable, weather sealed, fast auto focus, in-body image stabilisation, and ultra-high resolution optics coupled with the sharpest 12MP sensor + image processing ever available.

Why this constant clamouring for "better"? I did me the world of good, ditching digital in 2008 (Canon FF gear), using film only for four years, and then coming into the four thirds system this year. In the meantime, I shot 35mm (Olympus OM-3Ti + 10 amazing lenses), medium format, large format. I continue to shoot film as much, if not more, than digital.

The Olympus Four Thirds system represents the very pinnacle of imaging technology and quality - if the differences between this stuff and a Nikon/Canon bothers you so much as to provide sleepless nights or bitter resentment to the company that produces them, perhaps photography is not the field for you.

I wonder if you will continue to blame the shortcomings of your own vision on your tools? Will you feel the same in, say, 5 years, when Nikon is no longer at their "high" (perhaps Sony will have the superiour system then?)

Many olympus users realise that these are unique and superbly-capable tools that we can use to realise our vision. I am sorry you don't feel the same way. I know that I wouldn't with a plastic Nikon, but our tools are a very personal choice - if the Nikon inspires your creativity, I wish you all the best. so much as to provide sleepless nights or bitter resentment to the company that produces them, perhaps photography is not the field for you.

I do not understand this easy to shoot judgments,  I'm  in the field of photography since 1975, I have worked with many magazines, made several photo books and collaborated with some of the great masters of world photography (one for all Fulvio Roiter), because I hear that the photograph is not my field. Said that Olympus having great lenses, does not provide adequate equipment, and to live in a limbo professionals who have certain needs is a matter of course, as everyone knows, is not to offend anyone, it is a simple fact, for more made by people who have always loved this brand, with certain equipment you can make shots (weddings without flash in natural light with high iSO, photo hunt with strong crop, sporting events and competitions indoor) that the E-5 are feasible but with much more difficulties and results, despite the lenses, no more than (say below), in fact, photography has many faces, more professionally competiton is fierce, and the need to have certain levels in the results, if you shoot a hockey game most likely the photographer who uses a D700 or canon 5D mark II / III at ISO 3200 is more likely to take pictures "better" than one that does a E-5 at ISO 3200 and you can not save saying to the magazine that asked you the works that the pictures are worse, but you used a big machine like the E-5, unfortunately the result counts. The new machines have low noise, high dynamic range (over 14 stops), the number of pixels you can get a good crop, 14-bit, etc.. and when the competition takes advantage of this feature I can assure you that the E-5 (although it is a good camera) shows all its limits and for the professional who uses the work becomes much harder.

Despite my thinking  I am here hoping that Olympus makes a suitable camera with the times and the technology of today, I am ready to invest $ 15,000 in this equipment, if this is not love ....

sorry for my bad english

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