DSLR for £300-£400 - Sony A37?

Started Nov 7, 2012 | Discussions thread
Luebke Forum Member • Posts: 79
Re: DSLR for £300-£400 - Sony A37?

IMHO the A37 shreds everything in its price range.

It delivers the same IQ as the a57 and has more features than anything in its class. Sony gives you in body stabilization and an af drive inside the body. At Canikon you need to invest at least twice the amount of cash to get that.

There is no cheaper way of building a reasonable lens collection than buying old Minolta lenses (the price advantage gets smaller the higher quality you buy). And when it comes to high end optics the A-mount is the only mount with af zeiss lenses.

If your only concern is high ISO capabilities you might need to think again (the a37 is not bad but there are better options).

If you like the A37s size and grip (it's quite small) and if you can work with an evf and a not so great screen (it's adequate) there is no better option.

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