Getting One ND Filter. Which One?

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Re: Getting One ND Filter. Which One?

Hundminen wrote:

I enjoy landscape photography with my 24-105mm f4L (on 5D2) (77mm thread) and Sigma 12-24 II (which wont accept any filters), and I am interested in getting my first ND filter for blurring motion (water) on bright days. I tried the ProMaster variable ND (2 to 8 stop) filter, but found I am losing too much sharpness.

If I were to purchase only one non-variable ND filter, which one is recommended (brand and number of stops) by the community here?

Hi Hundminen,

If you are looking to blur water on bright days and you want a decent level of smoothness, you're looking at a decent exposure time. Which would suggest a higher stop of filter (8-10ND range).

I just invested in the Lee filter system, and got the big stopper (10 ND). Not that you need to go for a filter system (I did as I wanted to be able to use the same filters across the majority of my lenses, and could do so by getting only 2 adaptor rings), you could simply get a 10ND and that would be it.

Just my 2c, but have been happy mucking around with what it could do so far, and my intention was similar to yours.

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