Anyone love DPR but see a few problems with the new format?

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Anyone love DPR but see a few problems with the new format?

DPR is a really great website and I use it frequently. Please don’t think I’m an inveterate grumbler as it is just that I really want to enjoy the fantastic facilities DPR offers but unfortunately, in a few areas, the new format seems to make it annoyingly slower and a bit of a pain to use (for me at least). I wouldn’t want people to be turned off by these minor but very annoying apparent glitches and so miss out on what I regard as the very best and most comprehensive photo website. So I hope these comments will be taken as constructive and supportive as I really do admire the work of the DPR team.

I wonder if anyone else has these problems and, if so, is there anything Andy & c.o can do to resolve them?

1. I find the blue listing of posts difficult to read. So, every time I log in I have to enter a forum and then scroll to the bottom of the long list of posts to be able to change the colour to the very readable (for me) yellow text option. Can the choice of colours be placed at the top of the list of forums and the list of posts please?

2. I have a fast computer and broadband but when I go from a post back to the forum, the post I have just read is greyed out – which is good as I can easily see what I’ve already read – but there is a very annoying delay of  1 or 2 seconds in updating the list. In the meantime I’ve tried to click on a different post but the forum list updates to the greyed out version and I find I’ve clicked on the wrong post. In other words the delay in updating is very annoying. If it can’t be avoided, on balance I’d prefer not to have the greyed out listing & no delay.

3. Can we have a ‘return to forum’ option after each post please, as well as at the top of each post? After reading a post it would be much easier, especially for long posts, to have the ‘return to forum’ option immediately to hand at the  bottom of each post rather than having to scroll either to the top of a post or to the bottom of the long list  of posts.

4. The selection of forums seems jittery. On clicking the ‘forum’ option a B&W drop down box appears. Sometimes when navigating this it vanishes and a detailed list of forums appears to its left, so I then have to scroll down yet another list to get the forum I want to see.

5. In the main header the position of the ‘forums’ option very annoyingly jumps around, which again seems to be a delay problem (for me at least).

Does anyone else have these problems?

Andy – can anything be done about them please?



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