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Re: SX50hs - Is it really a perfect "10" ?

Ketan Buch wrote:

dona2 wrote:

Check out DC Review.

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Don V. Armitage

Tahnks. I read the review. Despite many adverse observations by the reviewer, I am wondering how the SX50 still manages to get a perfect 10. His comments on "sharpness due to software and not optics" and " color test in lab is moderate but real life colors are good " - its confusing.

Unfortunately , in my part of world, there is no "30 days return"policy. So, reading different reviews and posts by forum members is the only way to arrive at a decision. But too much analaysis also causes paralysis !!!!!!!! And I am facing this situation at the moment. I am wondering if the Canon sx50 would be a "good all-round" camera for SOOC jpegs. I don't post procees and neither print much.

I noticed this morning that they have changed the score from 10.0 to 9.9

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