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Re: Newbie - would love feedback!

JacquesC wrote:

Your pics are interesting and it looks like you are not scared to try things - good !

My humble opinion though is that you can push the contrast even more, not less!

I like B&W shots that contains black, white, and shades of grey - not just shades of grey. This is just a personal preference of mine. You can try it on some of these shots and see if you like it or not.

Most importantly - keep trying things and enjoy yourself !

I posted some B&W shots in a blog of mine a while ago if you're interested here :

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Apple & Eve website and blog :


I like your images and I get where you're coming from.  The portrait of the woman holding the cigarette wouldn't work nearly as well if you reduced the contrast.  Attention would go to the ear and the hair instead of the eyes.

What I noticed in some of Regina's images is that trees full of leaves became black blobs, the Eiffel tower lost it's detail, a couple of the cloudy skies became pixelated, etc. due to the processing.  I think those are situations where backing off the contrast would improve the image.  Another option is to use masking to keep most of the contrast but bring back areas where it is destroying interesting detail.

Of course differences in monitor settings may affect how we see the contrast and the processing might be perfectly fine for printing.  Thanks for providing the great examples of high contrast B&W images.


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