Yosemite National Park, with D50 and 18-70 lens

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Sammy Yousef
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Re: Great portrait

Sorensen wrote:

Hi Sammy!

Thats a great portrait with lots of detail. Congratulations! Maybe there is a point in stopping the Nikon 18-70 down a little and not use too wide open.

Thanks. Yes that is one of my better ones for sure.

I shoot most of my portraits at f/8 to f/11. I rarely want to isolate the subject using DoF and if I do, I can do it by placing the subject as near as possible and the background as far as possible. I actually like seeing my backgrounds in focus most of the time, and I like bringing out every detail in a face - could never do that if I were a pro - - these days people would complain that I make every blemish pop out... But if you want to see what can be done take a look at some of the mid 20th century celeb portraits by Yousuf Karsh (no relation or affiliation)

Of course if what you're after is a creamy out of focus background, you can shoot subject near background far AND open the lens up wide...but consumer lenses just aren't at their best wide open.

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