It's not about the gear! Portrait/wedding shooting with 4/3, YES WE CAN!

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Re: It's not about the gear! Portrait/wedding shooting with 4/3, YES WE CAN!

goblin wrote:

Pman120 wrote:

Dear fellow photographers!

Unfortunately it happens a lot that I read people saying: "a real photographer needs a full frame camera"...

It's now been two year since my brother and I started to do some photography with our Olympus E-600 camera. We've done weddings, portraits etcetera. And wanted to share some of our photo's. Remember: ALL has been shot with Olympus 4/3 camera's!

Dear Pman120

First thing first:


Second thing second:

- This thread, with the title as it is now, should have been criticized, rather than praised

Everyone - let me explain myself, kill me later:

- There is nothing unfortunate in the fact that some people would say "a real photographer needs a full frame camera", at least not for us. This would be unfortunate for the person making this statement, as it would be proof of their utter incompetence on photography in general, IF they are making this statement as a general assumption. A "real" photographer wouldn't, shouldn't, won't care about such a statement, as he/she would know how to use his/her equipment and how to get the best out of it. An "unreal" photographer's reaction wouldn't be my concern, as they would question themselves with ANY camera brand.

- The "YES WE CAN" is a nice and warm message, but as far as I'm concerned - my message is - "DUH ! OF COURSE WE CAN ! DIDN'T YOU KNOW THAT ?"

- Long story short - the thread title, as it is now, makes it sound like obtaining good results with 4/3 gear is a happy exception, rather than a rule.

All this being said, last thing last:

- When looking at the pictures, again and again, I can only say: This is better than anything I'd be ever able to achieve, regardless of the gear. Soooo:

It's not about the gear! YES YOU, Pman120CAN!

You can, and you will keep popping these gems, regardless of whether you stay with your gear, or you get a bottle bottom, a box made of black carton and a sheet of film. So - thanks for sharing.

PS: As for the generic assumptions of "photo muggles", I automatically switch to "low attention span mode" any time someone starts talking to me about "Pro photographers", as there couldn't be a wider group than the one falling under this definition.

The closest example to illustrate this is like saying "A Pro car driver". A pro driver can be a king of drifting, a speed ace, who would drive in circles around me, but can be just as well a guy driving a taxicab or a UPS van. They are also "Pro car drivers". They do drive professional machines like limos and vans, but this doesn't mean I want and need to drive the same, neither does it mean that me (or anyone else) is a worse driver than them. They just drive for a living, while we pay for our own gas

Dear Goblin!

Thanks for your reply! I think I'm not going to kill you, because you're absolutely right!!  The two parts the title of this thread consists of where chosen to draw some attention to it! That was the only reason! Of course: pro's don't worry about their equipment, they worry about the light!
Thanks for your contribution, it makes absolutely sense!

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