Improving on the vibrations of the focal plane shutter

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Re: Not seen and proof --- That is merely with you oneself

Mako2011 wrote:

PeterZheng wrote:

Mako2011 wrote:

Do you have any examples of this being a actually noticeable problem?

it is here, a careful measurement. Not merely to shoot some pictures.

Measured but not determinable in any photo I take so no need to reduce

other careful measurements, published in 2010:

LumoLabs measured the image-blurring was based on wide angle lens. In actually using, a lighter weight telephoto lens will be more headachy.

Measured but if I can't detect it in any photo I take then no need to worry about it.

I believe that you can also say the mirror vibrations to be no effect with you, so that is no need to reduce, no need to worry about it.

With your one's shot to defeat all of the careful measurements.

However, Others:

As I said, the effect certainly exists. But if the effect can't be seen in normal pictures that I print or produce....then the effect has no need to be mitigated or reduced. The effect of Mirror Slap can be seen in my photos so I reduce it when needed. The effect of shutter vibration is not noticeable, as far as I have seen. That's why I say it has no "noticeable" effect on my photography.

Vibrations from an earth quake in China can be measured and affect my tripod when taking a photograph in Canada....but if I can't see that effect in my photograph...I don't worry about it.

big words and self-contradictory

Proof: There are a number of camera out there with electronic shutters so no shutter vibration. To date, their picture are not noticeably sharper than the ones I take with a camera that has a mechanical shutter.

This is totally unrelated.
Please tell me, you did a comparison with the same size sensor?

I believe that you must not want Nikon to be doing better, no else.

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