Lightroom corrupting Canon Raw files Redux

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Re: Lightroom corrupting Canon Raw files Redux

Bob Meyer wrote:

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Uwe1 wrote:

Are you sure? Because exactly what the OP described happened to me a few weeks ago with LR 3.6. Perfect photos from my 7D, transfer to HD okay, opened folder in Lightroom ... corruption.

Nothing that alters the above. Lightroom is only reading the file from a hard drive.

If LR was corrupting the file in memory it would still have to be written back to disk, which we know LR doesn't do.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't LR update the EXIF info in the file in certain situations? That certainly creates the possibility of file corruption.

I'm not saying that's the problem, or even likely, but the blanket statement that LR never updates the original file isn't always true.

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Yes LR will update the EXIF info if you alter the creation date/time - I'm not aware of any other circumstances where it will modify the RAW files.

Joe was able to send me a corrupted file and the original uncorrupted version. I determined that the corruption was a single bit being changed in the compressed image data itself, not the EXIF info.

To me this would indicate a hardware problem (possibly bad RAM) rather than a software issue in LR; but I haven't any more back from him.


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