What the 35 / 2 IS has done for me, and, more specifically, Canon.

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Re: What the 35 / 2 IS has done for me, and, more specifically, Canon.

Great Bustard wrote:

The 35 / 2 IS pushed me over to staying with Canon. It's a killer lens, and I hope the first of a series.

Third in "a series"... and the first two were f2.8, so I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for a 24/2 IS.  I am sure a $1000+ 85/1.8 and 100/2 IS will show up eventually unless the current management is sacked.

It is nice that Canon will sell at least one of these lenses, and perhaps even a body for their strange efforts.  I don't think the DSLR division are worthy of anything but scorn at this point, and there is no encouragement from these cascading disappointments.  Any money I have spent on camera gear in the last three years has gone to Olympus/Panasonic, so it is their loss.  Maybe one day they will have a 50+MP FF camera with a quality sensor that competes on price with Sony and Nikon... but again, I'm not holding my breath.

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