FF lens on apsc, good or bad?

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Re: FF lens on apsc, good or bad?

Paradigm Changer wrote:

I'm not sure if you were expecting the answer to be anything other than "it depends". Using an FF lens on APS-C may amplify imperfections of the lens, but it all depends on your target resolution - I assume this will be 16MP, but you should tell us which lens you were considering.

Yes, it will be on a 16mp, either a K30 or K5II-s. I am more concerned that if I get the new K5, I want to get a very high resolution lens (only one for now, more as I go). I found some MTF resolution charts so I can see the numbers but I am still unsure how it works when cropping only the center of a lens. It seems logical that using the entire glass would result in using more lens resolution, but if this is not true please set me right.

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