FujiFilm XF1 - Some Sample Shots (mostly studio)

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Re: FujiFilm XF1 - Some Sample Shots (mostly studio)

I wanted to like the xf1 and kept it for a week trying to get decent picture that would be better than xz-1 that I thought to replace... but failed. It is fine camera on its own, but absolutely not for the $500. The image quality feels more like the sub $300 camera, the lens is not terribly good. I thought this would be essentially X10 in small package but it seems many things had to be cut in lens design. (or maybe I was over optimistic on x10)

Seriously, head to head with the xz-1 I would always pick the xz-1 as the better image despite olympus having much smaller sensor, jpeg engine has too agressive NR and not that good iso. Sorry to say that, I really wanted to like the fuji (I have x100 and xpro1).

I brought it back, paid the piper 200 more and got rx100. Totally surprised by the quality of image and the camera. It seriously is what I expected fuji to be... I think spending $500 on xf-1 is totally off, either get now much cheaper xz-1 with essentially same quality or go for rx100 (it is really expensive, but justified so)

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