Sony 50mm f/1.8 on Nex

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Re: Sony 50mm f/1.8 on Nex

viking79 wrote:

clearzoom wrote:

and why would Nex lens 50mm lens is so long when it doesn't have zoom? just 50mm

my Nikon 50mm f1.8 is half the length of this one. wouldn't Nex be smaller/sorter than Nikon dslr lens?

For tele focal lengths the NEX will always have longer lenses than an SLR, making for similar lens + mount to sensor lengths.

I.e. a 50mm lens with a 1:1 telephoto ratio needs to be about 50 mm from the sensor if it were a simple single lens. The lens is more complicated than a single element lens so it is longer than that, but somewhere in the middle of the lens needs to be 50 mm from the sensor.

This is probably most noticeable above maybe 25 or 30 mm on a camera like the NEX. Once you get around 70 or 75mm there really isn't a length advantage to NEX any more. This is why people like wide large aperture lenses on that type of system. Now only if they offered more


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I am quite happy with the length of my 1" Pentax DA70 limited lens + Adapter on the NEX. I still enjoy the camera's stupendous small size and weight, image quality, and advanced features.

I simply want to continue doing great portraits with a 70mm - I feel that I would have to be too close for candids and wouldn't have good enough bokeh with the 50mm. For me 70mm is the ideal portrait lens on APS-C.

I want the same size and quality as the DA70 in E-mount, working with phase detection AF. Maybe the people who make AF adapters for Canon lenses could make one for Pentax lenses...


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