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Re: Well, that's Nikon's dilemma (only backwards)...

jfriend00 wrote:

JimPearce wrote:

I think the D5200 occupies the D90's $899.95 slot. I don't believe they can do the D7x00 for $1199.95 and cover the fps and advanced autofocus. But the D7000 has been a big winner at the prevailing price point. I really don't think impinging on the D600's price point is nearly as big a deal as abandoning this price point. I really can't guess how they'll address this problem.

Unless you have info I haven't been able to find, the U.S. price for the D5200 has not yet been announced. The D5100 official price (Nikon SRP) is $849.95 and, based on the fact that the European MSRP for the D5200 seems very much the same as the D5100 was selling for 18 months ago, I don't think it's quite clear yet that the D5200 is moving up in price in the U.S.

If it doesn't move up in price in the U.S., then the D7100 could stay right in the D7000 price slot which seems to have been very successful for Nikon and I imagine that the steady state D7000 street price (the price after it's been out awhile) of $995 is a nice psychological (below $1000) level to achieve for an advanced consumer product. Like you, I don't think Nikon would want to give up on that D7000 price spot.

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That is what puzzles me. The D300s is currently $1,696 at B&H. If a D7x00 comes out at the  $1,000 price range how could it match or come close to the D300s performance.

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