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Re: Pro DX is Dead Think business timelines, D7K AND D400 next year

Bajerunner wrote:

No. Nikon's release is logical. D800 and D600 before the DX revamp, to get the higher price items sold in bulk first.

Then, get the lower end sold. Do you really think Nikon would release an excellent D7200 and D400first?

The D400 would have taken sales from the D600/D800 and the D7200 from D5200 and it gives them time to milk the last dredges of profit from reduced D7100's.

That is just business sense. So, I see D7100 in February and a D400 somewhere about May...or the other way around, depending on which they think could take sales from the other.

The only thing that surprises me is that the D3200 / D5200 are not mirrorless.

No longer think just Canon as competition for the low end. Think Sony/ Panasonic. The NEX7 type APS-C is a huge danger to the low end Nikon and Canon.

Large and reportedly excellent viewfinder, interchangeable lens that can take legacy lenses with adapters or new little lenses?

The D3200 and D5200 should have large viewfinders aka D7000, with mirrorless and things like focus peaking etc. metering aperture priority with manual lenses etc, magnified central focus. These are all things the NEX7 and others have.

This would not have taken form D7000 etc because they still do not have all the manual controls . Yes, some may only be needed for the manual focus people, but so what. All sales count. Funny how you notice something when you use it, I only went to MF lenses recently for budget / good optics and I would appreciate these features.

And dare I say it, the Leica M9 type NEX7 is also a marketing 'neat' camera.

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Nex 7 and Nikon V1, J1 are neat cameras. Only concern is that friends and relatives have been known to drop their P&S cameras. Pen 7 with a Black Rapid strap just doesn't work.

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